Placement Print file size Print file template
Front & back print 30.48cm x 40.64cm Download
Outside label 7.62cm x 7.62cm Download
Inside label 7.62cm x 7.62cm Download

Must-follow guidelines:

Submit files in PNG or JPEG format with at least 150 DPI.

We recommend using PNG for designs with a transparent background. For other designs, we advise preparing files in JPEG instead.

Create files in sRGB color profile.

To ensure your design looks the same when printed as it does on screen, make sure you create your print file in sRGB color profile.

Include correct inside label info.

The pre-designed inside label templates in our design studio are pre-filled with the correct information and can be customized with your logo. Completely custom-designed labels need to include the country of origin, size, and fabric information. This is required by law for all custom inside labels.

Tips for best results:

Avoid semi-transparent designs.

Semi-transparent graphics (or elements with lowered opacity) don't translate well in DTG printing. We advise using solid colors, or simulating semi-transparency by halftoning.

Create designs with the necessary DPI.

Simply typing in a new resolution value into the file won't result in a higher resolution print. If your graphic's resolution is too low, the best solution is to recreate it.

Use transparency to your advantage.

Black ink will appear gray on black garments because of the white underbase used during printing. Leave these areas fully transparent when designing for black garments.

Avoid borders when designing sleeve prints.

We advise against using graphics with perfect borders for sleeve printing, since the print can warp slightly when the sleeve is being pulled off the pallet.

DTG disclaimers:

We don't print white ink on white garments.

Any designs containing white color will have areas with no print on them.

White ink elements on bright-colored garments might look tinted.

This is most evident on Red, Maroon, and other similarly colored garments.

There might be slight discrepancies in print placement.

We will do everything we can to ensure that images are placed tastefully and consistently.

We can't guarantee 100% color accuracy.

If your files aren’t adjusted using our color swatches (download).

Inside label guidelines:

Inside label is €2.49 extra per t-shirt. Note that it can't be printed on an embroidered t-shirt. It also can't be combined with an outside label - you have to choose one or the other.

All print files must be scaled to print size. Graphics that do not meet our guidelines might not be printed correctly.

Must follow print files guidelines:

Submit all graphics at a minimum resolution of 150 DPI and at actual print size – 7.62 x 7.62cm. Make sure graphics do not exceed the maximum size of 7.62 x 7.62cm.

Submit all graphics in sRGB color profile with transparent backgrounds.

All fonts should be converted to outlines so you don't have to send over the font files. The text must be readable, so the minimum font size should be 10px.

Please submit your files in .PNG or .JPEG format. For fastest workflow and turnaround time, we recommend submitting .PNG files.

Information which must be included by law:

1. Choose appropriate size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

2. Choose either origin: "Made in Bangladesh", "Made in Nicaragua" or "Made in Honduras".

3. Choose appropriate material information of garment:

Solid colors: 100% combed ring spun cotton

Athletic & Black Heather: 90% combined ring spun cotton / 10% polyester

Heather colors: 52% combed ring spun cotton / 48% polyester

Triblend colors: 50% polyester / 25% combed ring spun cotton / 25% rayon

Prism colors: 99% airlume combed ring spun cotton / 1% polyester

Inside label example
Inside label example

Print care instructions (optional):

Bear in mind that the original manufacturer's care instructions don't take into consideration the DTG printing process. We suggest you include these care instructions for custom prints.

Wash cold
Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners.
Tumble dry
Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life.
Cool iron
Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration.
Do not dry clean
Do not dry clean.

Color combinations:

These are a few things you need to keep in mind if you're printing on lighter color shirts. Using darker colors in your label design will result in your label being seen on the other side of the shirt. Be aware of the color combinations – make sure your brand is clearly visible on the product. Don't make the label too light.