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Functionality of T-Shirt Printing Design Studio
In this blog post we'll discuss and explain our t-shirt printing design studio and the way we run things round here. First & foremost let's start from explaining the reasons why we had built it. It has been built to drastically reduces costs for small quantities, because you're able to make your own designs and designing process can be skipped by our t-shirt printing design team and your order being forwarded straight to t-shirt printing production team. The reason why it's built is that it helps to filter B2C from B2B customers. Yes, B2C! That's our targeted audience - the end-customer. Our design studio software created especially for that - retail. Goal on which we work on daily basis and which take us beyond other custom clothing companies is that we offer our services simplified as much as it can be simplified, so it's limitless to customer age nor their computing experience, so everyone no matter their age or education would be able to create something unique and one of a kind to express theirself, their ideas or their brands in most unique way so they could make big impression to others...